Ski Map

 – Easy slope (2300m)

 – Medium slope (2100m)

 – Difficult slope (1900m)

 – Route lift

 – Cottage

 – Box office

Track Info

Roata 1Medium920m
Roata 2Easy1030m
Rainer 1 (Roata 3)Hard800m
Rainer 2 (Roata 4)Hard1000m
Blue Slope (Roata 5)Medium/Easy2250m
Blue Slope » Roata 2Easy160m
Rainer » Roata 1Easy140m

 Level difference 450m

  • The “Roata” Slopes Wheel have a total length of 6 Km: a beginners trail of 1.9 km, 2.3 km of slopes with medium dificulty, and a 2.1 km trail to advanced.
  • Slopes range from an altitude of 950m to 1260m with an average slope of 24%, of which the easy slopes grade at 14%, middle slopes at 21% and difficult slopes at 33%.
  • Slopes are leveled at European standards.

Note: Roata 1 operates for at least 10 people and Roata 2 for a minimum of 50.